Towing in Indianapolis, Indiana and Surrounding Counties

Zore’s Towing of Indianapolis, Indiana has been a family owned and operated tow business since 1927.  We greatly appreciate your visit to our website because we understand there are a lot of tow truck companies in Indianapolis and we are glad to be of service.  With over 80 years of experience towing all sorts of vehicles, from personal cars to semi trucks, Zore’s Towing has the knowledge and resources needed for any kind of tow.  If you need any type of tow in the Indianapolis area or surrounding counties, give Zore’s Towing a call today.
Why Choose Zore’s Towing?
  • 24 Hour Towing Service available 365 days a Year
  • Our Tow Trucks are radio dispatched with GPS systems.
  • Computer Dispatching System tracks Vehicles by...
    • VIN #, License Plate #, Date of Tow, or Color of Vehicle Towed
  • Work Closely with Local and State Police Departments and Hoosier Helper Highway Assistance
  • Drivers are Certified by the State of Indiana
  • Our Large Fleet allows us to handle all types of tows, quickly and safely.
  • Family Owned Tow Company here in Indianapolis, IN since 1927.

Tow Companies in Indianapolis, Indiana

Zore’s Towing company has been helping Hoosiers get their car, truck, van, or any other type of Vehicle towed in Indianapolis for over 80 years.  If you are a looking for a tow company that can tow your car or truck away quickly, safely, and professionally, you have found them. Zore’s Towing offers a wide range of tow services; from personal vehicle tows, to large equipment recovery.  For a complete list of the services we offer at our family owned tow company, check out our Towing Services page or give us a call.  Here is a small list of tow services we offer...
  • Personal Vehicle Tows
  • 24 hour Emergency Towing
  • Private Parking Lot Towing
  • Abandon Vehicle Towing
  • Towing Contractor for private or public organizations
  • Roadside Assistance -  jumps, lockouts, tire changes, etc.
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